Anonymous asked: There's a newspaper article about a boy at age 9 who was found hanged and the article goes on to say he was "bullied for being white." Tumblr users (and other people elsewhere I'm sure) have used that and said "Don't tell me that racism against white people doesn't exist." As a white person myself.... I'm not sure what to think because I was never bullied for being white? I've never had anything bad happen to be, I was pretty sure it couldn't. Idk what to think. What are your thoughts?


What that little boy went through is discrimination and prejudice. Not racism. There wasn’t an entire society backing up the bullies who drove him to suicide, it was a group of children and some complacent adults. That’s the difference. 

In high school, I was briefly bullied for being white. It ended when my bully knocked me into a food cart in the lunch room and I got a hole in my scalp that required all of a single stitch to close. He got expelled. I’m not sure what happened to him after that, but what sort of future does a frustrated young black man usually face when he’s kicked out of school?

The only racism involved was the racism of the system (and my ignorant compliance with it) that insured he suffered far worse for his discrimination and prejudice than I ever did.

That’s how these things almost always go. That’s why white people can’t claim that anti-white prejudice and discrimination are racism. Because actual racism is still there, and it’s working in our favor.